Can You make 4-5 K each month Drop Shipping?

Yes, you can make 4–5 K per month with only 10 hours work per week but you probably won’t do it!

You would need an extremely unique, high demand item to sell and marketing and advertising programs in place to deliver your message cost effectively to your target audience.

If you don’t have a unique product your profit margins will be extremely small because of all of the competition you will face. Want to test that theory out? Find a drop ship supplier for just about any product you want. Get them to quote you a price including fees and handling charges. Now go to Amazon and search for that product.

How many sellers are offering exactly the same product?

How many sellers are using exactly the same art and sales copy supplied by the manufacturer or distributor?

How close are the selling prices? And how much is the profit margin?

After deducting Amazon selling fees, or your own marketing costs if you sell from your own website, how much (or little) net profit margin is left for you?

You see ads for drop shipping suppliers and dropshipping tutorials all telling you how easy it is to make money, and yes, the method is easy, but making a decent profit is very hard, again, unless you can find a unique, “Niche” product.


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