You’ve run a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now what do you do?

Ok, you raised the money on Kickstarter.

You developed the game.

You found a manufacturer.

You built some inventory.

Now all you have to do is sell it.

You could approach the major toy and game retailers yourself and try and sell the game directly, but I don’t recommend that. It usually takes having a good contact with the buyer or category manager to even get a meeting, and then you have to worry about extended payment terms, liability insurance, delivery guarantees, and a whole lot more just to do business with the major players. If you want to try on your own I suggest you hire a factory or manufacturer’s rep to set up the meeting and handle the details. They should have a good connection with the buyer in the category. You would have to hire a rep for each geographic location the major retailers have their corporate offices in.

An easier suggestion would be to approach a distributor that specializes in toys and games and sell to him. He would then sell and distribute your game to all of his customers, and he would handle all the details like payment terms and insurance. Many toy distributors are also regional so you may have to approach several to cover your geographic location.

The best suggestion I could offer would be for you to approach the major game manufacturers and sell your game or license your game to them. You would collect a commission or royalty on every sale and they would handle all the details. There would be no details for you to worry about. They sell, distribute, and collect payments from the retailers and handle all the problems.

There are thousands of new toys and games introduced every year but only a few get that special buzz where everyone sees it and wants one. I hope you get to ride on top of the big wave.


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