Since higher education is not necessary to get rich, why do so many people pursue it?

Not everyone has the maturity, skills, ambition, or passion to work for themselves or start a business. Especially at 18 years old, very few people actually have a clue about what they want to do when they grow up, you know, that old maturity thing rearing its ugly head.

Spending a few years learning how to learn, learning new skills, meeting new people, developing new relationships, and learning new interests has a very beneficial effect on many people. It doesn’t have to be a higher education at a university level, it could be a trade school or professional school level. It could be an internship or apprentice type of experience. Just go out and experience, learn, observe and get a clue about real life.

Remember, in the real world, having an education or not having an education has no effect on getting rich, and not everyone only wants to get rich. Some people have other priorities in their lives.

Getting rich requires hard work, ideas, skills, planning, and execution to do it and based on the new business failure rate, obviously, not everyone has what it takes.


One thought on “Since higher education is not necessary to get rich, why do so many people pursue it?

  1. Reblogged this on Lucioma4u and commented:
    Literacy, the quest for knowledge, ambition, self motivation and focus in work actually leads to sucess.
    Most of the richest people today, don’t have higher education but are worth more (vision) hence they hire scholars to do the job for a fraction of their worth. Simply because they don’t know their worth or they never dared!
    Dare to go the extra mile irrespective of age, race, gender, or location. Stay focused andvwatch your dreams become a reality….

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