How To Create Your Own, Unique Products.

An excellent way to get started in business is to buy in bulk and repackage into salable sets for consumer use. There are many products that are available in bulk at very low prices. A perfect example is mailing and packing supplies. A specific example is padded shipping bags. I can buy 1000 bags in bulk at a very low price. Individual customers don’t need 1000 bags, but often they will need 5 or 6 for a specific shipment. If you go to the office supply store you can buy 3 bags for $10.00. By buying in bulk, you can offer your customer 5 or 6 bags for $10.00 and make a 50% profit. Packing tape, cartons in common sizes, and many, many, more products can be purchased in bulk and sold in small consumer user-friendly quantities.

The choices available for bulk purchasing are endless. Electronic accessories like cables and connectors. Hardware products even as simple as nuts and bolts. LED Light bulbs. Tools sold in sets. Buy in bulk and repack your own assortments. Let your imagination run wild. All it takes is a few good ideas and a little hard work repackaging products. If you are selling online you don’t need fancy full-color retail packaging. Poly bags or plain cartons will do the trick. If you want to brand your products, have a simple self-stick label produced with your brand name, website address, and email address.


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