Basic information new sellers must know.

If you want to try to buy, and then resell a product from a company that advertises itself as a drop shipper, then Yes, the market is very competitive and “Satisfied” as you put it.

Selecting products to resell is a very difficult process and a lot of new sellers on eBay and Amazon do not have any concept about how to buy and how to resell successfully.

As you have noticed doing your research, you will see listing after listing, featuring exactly the same product, using exactly the same photos and selling copy, all selling at similar prices. To be a successful e-commerce seller you have to give your potential customers a good reason to buy from you instead of from your competition. This means writing unique, creative sales copy featuring all of the features and benefits for the product and using unique photos to tell the story.

To sell properly you must understand the products you want to sell so you can explain why your customers should buy the product, why they need the product, and what benefits they will get from the product. To do this you need to have a good basic knowledge about the product so you can explain everything clearly and convincingly.

You also need to know how to buy properly. You need to know about the industry, about similar competing products, about market trends, and where to find good suppliers.

Keep doing your research. Narrow your focus to product categories you have interest in and become an expert in your category. Build a good reputation by providing, quality products, rapid shipping, good, quick customer service, and technical advice.


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