Black Friday Promotions. Just A Cost Of Doing Business.

Many people ask how retailers can afford to sell some products so cheap on Black Friday? They often ask if retailers sell product made of cheap components to lower cost?

 Always keep in mind what the return policies are for the retailers selling the product, and the warranties offered by the factories producing the product. How much would it benefit a retailer or factory to go to the massive expense of producing a product, shipping it thru the distribution chain, advertise and market the product, and then sell a cheap piece of crap, knowing that you have to honor the return policy or warranty.  All that will happen if you sell a product made with cheaper components is to make a customer angry, and a satisfied customer is worth way more to a major retailer than any profit they might make from selling a single piece of merchandise. Happy customers come back to the store and buy more. Angry or disappointed customers tell a lot of friends and family members about bad quality.

The products are not necessarily made of cheaper components, but often are made with fewer features to meet a certain price point. Many Black Friday items are sold at, or even below cost to build store traffic. Every major retailer has an advertising and marketing budget, and Black Friday promotions are just considered a cost of doing business.


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