What online shoppers are looking for.

At the basic level,online shoppers expect the same things all shoppers want. Quality products, a pain-free shopping experience, a competitive price, and good availability or quick delivery. For online shoppers, they also want to be kept informed on all stages of the ordering and delivery process.

  1. Quality should be to a level of consumer acceptability. The product should function as advertised and be as advertised.
  2. Products should be easy to find by search and indexed correctly
  3. The ordering process should be transparent and the customer should know before he puts an item in a shopping cart what the shipping charge will be, the expected order process times, and what shipping methods are available.
  4. Prices should be competitive. You can charge a customer more than the normal competitive price if you give them valid reasons to buy from you. You offer better service, better return policy, better technical advice, an overall better shopping experience.
  5. Order processing and delivery should be as quick as possible. Amazon is offering same day delivery and next day delivery in many major metropolitan areas. Customers expect to receive their order in 3 to 5 days using normal delivery methods. No one wants to wait for 2 or 3 weeks or more for delivery. If you have long lead times, say for example you custom make a product, make sure your customer knows how long it will take.
  6. Customers want to be kept informed. Provide them with tracking numbers, keep them advised about problems or delays.
  7. Answer Customer service inquiries promptly
  8. Accept returns and make the process easy.

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