How to attract more customers to your website

 Someone recently asked me about how to improve his website.  The answer deals with Hoverboards, but the advice is usable for any type of product.  Here is my answer.Thanks for asking me to answer. I took a look at your website and it has a nice clean look. It’s easy to follow and see the different products you are offering. In my opinion, however, you have made a lot of common mistakes people make when presenting their product.

I have to assume you are either a tech guy or know a lot about hoverboards. You give pretty complete details and specs, but I have to ask you,

What the hell is a hoverboard?

You don’t tell me anywhere on your website, what they are, what they do, how much fun they are, and why I should buy one, especially buy one from you.

You are an expert, trying to sell your product to other experts. Experts already know all about the product and what it does. This is a very common problem among people that have never tried to sell products at retail before. They know the product very good and assume everyone else knows the benefits too. You give the tech specs and features but no benefits. Experts won’t be the customers buying from you, they have other suppliers. You want to capture the attention of the people that don’t know about hoverboards.

As others have noted, your prices are only just competitive. The hoverboard market is very competitive and growing. You need to give potential customers some reason to buy from you rather than anyone else. How are your hoverboards different or better than everyone else’s? If the differences are significant enough you may be able to charge a higher price. After all Chevy’s and Cadillac’s are both cars. Why can Cadillac sell a car for more than a Chevy? If you give potential customers enough motivation or reason to buy from you, you won’t have to be the lowest priced guy on the block.

Another issue with hoverboards is the electrical safety factor. There have been many stories lately about battery packs catching on fire or chargers burning up. You state quality and safe hoverboards on your site, but you don’t state why yours are safe. UL certified? Extra quality control checks during the manufacturing process?  You need some way to make your customers feel safe and secure.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Build a landing page. make it fun and energetic with plenty of photos of people having fun using hoverboards. Make hoverboarding a family adventure.
  2. Tell your hoverboard story. What hoverboards are, how they work, how much fun they are, how safe they are. Use plenty of features and benefits.
  3. Tell your customers why they should buy from you. Tell your service story, tell your tech support story, your great shipping story.
  4. Make your website a one stop shop. Sell accessories and safety gear. Helmets, knee, wrist, elbow, and hand pads. Make it cool to be safe.
  5. Add the marginal products, Hoverboard drifters, hoverboards with balance bars, 4 wheel hoverboards for us balance challenged oldsters.

Tell your story, build your brand, and make your website the go-to site for excitement.


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