Content Is King! Long Live the King!

Content Is King!  Long Live the King!

A long time ago, in a land far away there lived a tribe of men, no, men is not a good enough description.  These men were gods.  They were keen of wit, sharp of mind, and long of wind.

Were they Warriors you ask, Scholars? Politicians?  No, they were none of those mundane creatures.  They were direct mail marketers!  These were mere mortals who could take everyday items and resurrect them from the obsolete junk pile and with words, yes only words, breathe new life into them.

Who will ever forget Ron Propeil and the “Pocket Fisherman” , or the words, “set it and forget it”. Who can forget “Blue Blockers” with MC Dr. Geek freestylin about them.  The list can go on and on, but all of the people in this special tribe were Marketers.  They knew how to create content.  They knew how to take rather ordinary, everyday items and highlight the features and benefits to compel people to buy them, whether they needed them or not.  They were able to make them sound irresistible.

People will ask me, Dan, were you a member of that tribe you reminisce so fondly about?

Alas, I have to tell you no.  Unfortunately, I lived in the next village over. I was but a mere merchant.  I could aspire to reach the level of the marketing  gods, but could never reach that lofty peak.

I am telling you about the good old days, to set the stage for the new marketing revolution that is going on around us now.  You are probably looking at this blog because you want to make money from home, or sell things on the internet.  In other words, become an affiliate marketer.

The internet revolution has given marketers tools that the old guys could only dream about. With one click, I can now send my list to thousands, or even millions of potential customers.  I can post videos, I can write blogs , e-books, and e-zine articles, and send them out to the masses, where I hope they are read, liked, shared, and enjoyed.  Maybe I can even hit that home run and go “Viral”.

In order to build an income producing business  you need to attract potential customers or leads to sign up for your mailing list.  Over the next week I will be discussing some of the basics about how to create content that works and attracts customers.  Check back with me often or click the link to follow my blog.

If you have any questions or concerns share them with me in the comments .  I would like to turn this blog into a forum where we can share experiences and help each other reach our goals,





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